This Comedian is found in the cabaret of the Lost Wages Hotel Casino.


The comedian in the Cabaret Lounge (in LSL1EGA) is an older man.

The comedian is the brother (possibly his twin) of the the minister at Quiki Wed (in LSL1EGA) In LSL1EGA he is the only act in the Casino

He tells a number of tired jokes with Paul on drums to stress his punchlines.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Comedian was replaced with a younger comedian in LSL1VGA, and by Jeff Schitzfelt in LSLR.

The Comedian in LSL1VGA may be related to Reverend Al the "Preacher". This can be seen in the script files. The information that they are cousins still remains in the script files for the Preacher this may have been unused data. However, the younger comedian and the very old reverand may not be intended to be related like the two original characters. Infact the remake characters do not look related at all (one one even looks many decades older than the other). 

Jeff Schitzfelt in LSLR is not related to the preacher (or Jimmy-Ted Braggart]), and they are not the only acts in the Cabaret.

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