3-2 Cherri Tart

Cherri Tart is a cabaret dancer and star of stage and screen (and backstage) but longed for a simpler life in nature.


She was a former member of the Eta Omicron Zeta sorority at Walnut Log Community College in 1986-87.

For some time she stayed on Nontoonyt island. She gave exotic dance lessons at the Community Center. She also appeared as a dancer in the Nontoonyt Casino Showroom where she met Larry Laffer. Learning about her wish, Laffer offered her some deeds of land that oriignally belonged to his wife.

To thank him, Cherri made love to him in the backstage, but it was too late, as the lights went off and she had to appear for her next show. In the darkness, Larry wore her dancing attire and went to the stage in her place. Cherri was nowhere to be seen.

After her meeting with Larry, she retreated to the rural backwoods of Nontoonyt, out of show biz and into farming, but still reading Variety, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter and Sierra News Magazine

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