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  • Charlotte is a feminist and socialist activist in the campus but noone seem to care about what she says. She is protesting against animal abuse of the monkey in the lab of the professor Beatrice.

While she and Larry are talking a guard arrives and tell them to disband. Larry takes off his clothes to distracted him and Charlotte is surprised by his action. She thinks that he did it to help her and her ideas so she asks him some help. In little time Larry is able to attract a lots of people who are more interested to his jokes than the care of monkeys. Charlotte decides that this is not enough so Larry has to vandalise the statue of a bull that is at the center of the campus.

That is still not enough for her so Larry steals a monkey from the lab but when she see it the monkey starts to masturbates.

Charlotte is so disgusted that she runs away leaving Larry alone with the monkey.

She is friend with Charlotte and Russell