Cell Block Love is a song performed by Burgundy Bodine in the Blues Bar of La Costa Lotta. It narrates the former prostitute Marie Bonds's meeting and affair with Sonny Bonds.


    The boys could find my number written by the telephone,
    The sort of girl a Lytton man could take, then leave alone.
    In high school I was voted Miss Congeniality,
    But then I asked myself, "Why am I doin' it fer free?"

    I knew when you grew up next door, you had a crush on me.
    You'd been the high school quarterback, then joined the LPD.
    That night you caught me hookin' and you hauled me off to jail,
    You wrapped your arms around me and you held me without bail!

    The lifeline that you threw me were the handcuffs that you used.
    You left my heart locked up, and my wrists a little bruised.
    You brought me down for questioning, I had to say, "I do!"
    Your kisses sentenced me to life in Cell Block Love with you.

    I sit alone and cry when you refuse to wear your vest.
    I never know if you'll come home or take one in the chest.
    I sit and stare when you won't wear your firearm like you should.
    I know someday they'll find you, dear, flatlinin' in the 'hood!

    I pray you're just unfaithful when you don't come home 'til two.
    Perhaps I oughtta go back out and hit the streets like you.
    We sure could use the extra cash, for bills we've plenty of,
    And you could run me in, like on the night we fell in love!

    I waive my right to silence, here's the statement that I'll sign:
    I do confess to lovin' you and wantin' you fer mine!
    Is it so wrong, a workin' girl who loves a man in blue?
    I hope I never make parole from Cell Block Love with you.

    It's never solitary here in Cell Block Love with you.
    My prison address, darlin', is in Cell Block Love with you!

Behind the scenesEdit

The music was composed by Al Lowe, with words by Josh Mandel. The song is heard only in the CD version of Larry 6.

In the floppy version no voice is heard, only MIDI music and the lyrics in text.

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