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Cavaricchi Vuarnet is a character from Leisure Suit Larry 6.


Larry wanders into La Costa Lotta's aerobics studio, where Cavaricchi is leading a ladies' class. Larry decides to join in, but can't keep up with the other women. Cavaricchi barks at him to keep up, but eventually gives up in frustration, ordering the class to leave. Larry approaches her and they engage in conversation. Cavaricchi makes some backhanded compliments about Larry's intelligence and body. When asked why she took the job as the aerobics instructor, she says that she loves seeing women prance around in tight clothes. Time passes, and she admits that she finds Larry funny. She offers to double-date with him and his "best girl" at the sauna later that evening. Larry agrees, but needs to quickly find a girl to bring.

Larry eventually convinces Burgundy Bodine to meet him at the sauna. A few moments later, Cavaricchi enters by herself. Larry asks where her date is, and she responds that she did not bring one. She considers a threesome to be a double-date. Larry is naturally excited about sleeping with two women at once, but Burgundy is unsure. But, Cavaricchi starts flirting with Burgundy, complimenting her beauty and asking about what she likes. The two women start ignoring Larry, discussing "new sensations" to come. Larry offers to pour more water on the sauna rocks to make more steam, but he spills the whole bucket by accident. By the time the steam clears, Cavaricchi has left with Burgundy.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Her top can be lifted by repeatedly clicking on her shirt to show her breasts. This leads to a death scene.
  • In the Larry's Casino lists her as 'bisexual'. But, she was described as a 'dyke' in the original game.
  • Her torn shirt seems to have originally read "USMC" but the way the shift is ripped make it read "HOMO."
    • Certain versions of the game have her mention that once beat up a Marine for touching her.