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Bisexual (or bi-sexual) for individuals attracted to both male and female genders.


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A few bisexual characters, or characters who went from straight to 'lesbian' appear in the series.

Kalalau appears to be straight in LSL2, but leaves Larry for the lesbian Bobbi in LSL2.

Burgundy Bodine is a bisexual, and tempts Larry with a threesome with Cavaricchi Vuarnet.

Cavaricchi Vuarnet while originally a lesbian is as bisexual by the time events of Leisure Suit Larry's Casino (cd-rom).

Ione starts out as a 'straight' girl, but "becomes" a lesbian with bisexual Luba Licious.

Damone LaCoque is implied to be bisexual.

A quiz question for LSL1 is:

"The tackiest seventies fashion was\n\n
a. platform shoes.
b. midi-skirts.
c. short hair.
d. bisexuality."
  • Well, maybe you could call up some of your lesbian and bisexual friends, and have a slumber party in my honor!

Behind the scenes

Kalalau and Ione aren't so much 'bisexual' characters as they are heterosexual turned lesbian stereotype trope. So offended by worst possible 'man' that they have turned off all interest towards men entirely. There is no indication that they were interested in women before that, and most sources seem to suggest that they were originally only into men.

There are a number of jokes throughout Larry games that might imply that Larry is bisexual or at least let the player to attempt to do bisexual things (usually through parser commands or zipper icon) only for the narrator to joke about it and accuse Larry of being less than “heterosexual” and possibly gay.[1] In LSL6 one of these instances ends in a game over.

In WDDD the Prune employees forceably list Larry as bisexual claiming it will improve his chances with getting millennial girls. Larry largely remains clueless the entire time even when the homosexual Dick Ryder starts flirting with him (thinking Dick just wants to be his “wingman” to help him get more women. This leads Larry into a series of extremely uncomfortable situations even being potentially manipulated into homosexual sex (which turns out he didn’t actually have sex but instead been with a gargoyle the entire time. Larry finally has a chance to explain that he is completely straight and the person who thought he was bisexual apologizing for manipulating Larry into that situation.


  1. Narrator (LSL6): Better not, Larry! This guy looks big, strong and hetero!
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