Beatrice Robensenito is professor of Human Sexuality at Walnut Log. She was married to Dave Robensenito.

She is angry with Larry because he failed her exam too many time so she proposed him to work in her lab to gain some credit.

In her lab she has a poster with the penis lenght of various animal. She studies a monkey called Leopold who is a sex-machine. In order to seduce her Larry has to wear as a nerd. While he works in the lab taking care of an overactive monkey he discover that Beatrice was left by her husband because of an other woman and that she want a child. An amazed Larry find out that the monkey that usually masturbates watching a photo of Beatrice, is smart and can talk. The monkey wants to marry Beatrice and have sex with her but maybe not in this order. To realize his dream the monkey steal Larry's body with a machine but at the end Larry is able to push the reverse button on the machine using a banana. When he comes back in his body Beatrice disgusted beats him and throw him out of the lab.

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