Bartholomew Laffer is the father of Larry Laffer, although some say his real father is Al Lowe (to the chagrin of Margarete Lowe).


Larry Laffer at some point left his wife, leaving Larry's mother to sacrifice herself to raise and nurture Larry and his brother.

Reloaded UniverseEdit

In the Reloaded universe Larry's father may still be alive. He mentions him when examining a Wurlitzer. He describes his dad as being cold and unyielding.

His father gave him this advice: "Full moon by day, girls stay away. Full moon by night, women take flight."

Behind the scenesEdit

Additionally there is Lawrence, Larry Lovage's grand father, although its not clear if this is a Lawrence on the Lovage or Laffer side of his family.

Bartholomew is mentioned in the Laffer family line in Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist. There it is mentioned that he is the son of Ethan Laffer.

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