Barbara Jo Bimbo is the daughter of Barbara Bimbo and sister of Bridget Bimbo.


She is one of the three main conquests in LSL: Magna Cum Laude that Larry Lovage can persue. By choosing her he also gets Bridget Bimbo who joins in on the passionate sex. Barbara is all about the sex and not much else as she lives up to her last name and is a bit of a ditz. This is the choice for Larry if he all about pleasure rather than true love or domination (or pain).

Looks Edit

She has a medium tan tone, with big breasts, blonde hair in a ponytail, and blue eyes. Her clothing is mostly in orange tones. It's a brown cheerleader outfit with orange highlights and white ends, a gold necklace, white socks with an orange striped and white sneakers. During her first date with Larry, she wore a white dress with matching heels before getting wet, exposing her boobs. She also has gold colored underwear.

Relationships Edit

Larry Lovage Edit

If she's the last single lady standing, things went zany back in Larry's dorm. They were completely naked, and spent hours goofing around and banging each other. Both being, ditzy and funny, Barbara loved having sex with Larry, but not as much as he did. She then wants her sister to join them in on the fun. Turns she has a twin, Bridget Bimbo, who looks exactly like her, especially being naked as he pictures her and yells "Come to papa!". She then bangs him too as they all have their silly sex party.

Behind the scenesEdit

She is voiced by Sarah Fisher.

Trivia Edit

  • She had sex in Assistant Dean Abramson's private bathroom.


"Larry, can my sister joined us? I like to do everything with my sister!"
―Barbara Jo before Larry saying "I'm more the merrier!"


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