Barbara Bimbo[1]

"Yes, and I've made my decision, you know, too"
―Barbara before choosing her bachelor

Barbara Bimbo (Barbie) is a girl from Airhead, California. She is the daughter of Mama Bimbo, and mother of Barbara Jo and Bridget. She was one of Larry's minor 'conquests' following being tossed out by Eve, and the first he had hoped to find true love with but ended in disappointment. But her involvement would lead him to his second major conquest Kalalau (and first true love or at least he believed).


She was a former member of the Eta Omicron Zeta sorority at Walnut Log Community College in 1986-87.

Her hobbies are computer programming, creating unusual milkshakes and tantalizing elderly men. Her turn-ons are industrial-grade blenders and RS-232 interfacing. Her turn-offs are international military conflicts and the aroma of rosin-core solder.

Bimbo screen
She was the bachelorette at The Dating Connectionasking questions to Davie Blair, Raguka Singh Soong (Larry) and A. P. Wire. Mistakenly the host believed that she chose Larry, while actually she wanted number three. Even if she cried that there's no way to spend no month on a boat with that jerk, she did win a solid month cruising with him on the U.S.S. Love Tub exploring exotic ports of South Pacific, call courtesy of Wonder Cruise Lines. However her mother 'borrowed' her daughter's tickets, because her daughter wasn't feeling well about the trip just before the cruise began.[2].

Larry was extremely happy and lucky to have won a fun-filled month-long cruise with Barbera, and was looking forward to spending that time with the lovely batchelorette on the ship[3]He had gotten a makeover at Hairy Reams' in hopes of making Barbie change her tune and start liking him. [4]He hoped to spend hours with her rubbings sunscreen over him.[5] He hoped his search would find love, and hoped he wasn't looking in all the wrong places[6]. However, his mind quickly envisioned Paradise Lost, when he discovered Barbie's mother was on board the cruise instead of the young bachelorette.[7]

She later went on to have twin children Barbara Jo and Bridget Bimbo through an unknown father (it is unknown if she ever got together with number three as she wanted).

Her image appears on a alumni composite in the Eta Omicron Theta sorority, and Larry Lovage comments on her being Barbara Jo's mother.

She, of course talked by sticking "like", "you know", "or sumpthin'" between the words.

Barbara Bimbo has dark hair and blue eyes, and wears prominant earrings and at the studio, a necklace.


"If I was to go like out on a you know date with you and you was like you know all dressed up or sumpthin' and like the car busted and we had to walk for help and I like broke a you know heel like how would you fix it?"
―Barbara's first question (according to Biff Barf one of the best questions ever)
"Like if you was a you know insect and like I was a you know flower what kind of you know insect would you like be and like what kind of flower am I?"
―Second question

Behind the scenesEdit

She is based on beta tester Barbara Baser.

As soon as Larry wins the Dating Connection his mind is concerned with wooing and convincing Barbara Barbie Bimbo to like him. The narrator twice points out his luck at winning the gameshow and spending a month with her (each reminder follows his success both at the Dating Connection and after he wins one million dollars). He thinks about her when he goes to shop at the Pharmacy to buy sunscreen. He thinks about her again when he chooses to have a makeover at the Hairy Reams' Barber Shop. When boarding the ship as he leaves Los Angeles the narrator mentions he is thinking about his search; hoping to find love, but hoping he isn't looking in all the wrong places. These all point to the fact that Eve is no longer on Larry's mind, and he has a new woman to seduce.

The Bedside Companion also confirms that the day dreaming is of Barbara Bimbo as he gets on board the ship.

His plans fail him as soon as he finds out that Mama Bimbo had used the tickets instead leaving him stuck at sea with her.

Barbara is practically the only girl Larry attempted to pursue or interact with in LSL2 other than the main conquest Kalalua, that won't result in his death at woman's hands or in their presence. Mama Bimbo is the next woman after Larry realizes he won't be spending time with Barbara. But she is deadly like most other women in the game.


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