Bambi is an aerobic trainer to be found in the Fat City of Nontoonyt island.


She is an alumni of the Eta Omicron Zeta sorority at Walnut Grove Community College in 1986-87.

At Fat City, she was working on a new videotape for
3-4 Bambi
worldwide distribution. She was worried because of so many workout tapes in the marketplace and had trouble coming up with 'that certain little something' that would make hers different, establishing her competitive edge.

A worked-out Larry came and helped her suggesting "sex" as her concept.

Bambi led Larry to the room of an old tanning machine broken since the late eighties, a nice quiet spot where they could make love undisturbed. However their energetic pre-aerobic warmup loosened the stuck lid of the machine. A brilliant glow of 1500 watts of ultraviolet-B heats Larry's back as quickly as it cramped his style.


"Not from you, Mr. Husky! What could a tub-o like you know about fitness?"
―Bambi before Larry works out
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