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The airport had employees such as blonde bombshell Cherri and redheaded Barri.

The following advertisements could be seen on the airport walls.

  • Welcome to Atlantic City, "Where Dreams Come True." Remember, bet your limit... never limit your bet!
  • Broke? Down on your luck? Stupidly lost all your money gambling? Looking for some kind person to give you a break? Don't hang out around here and we won't hang out in your cardboard box.
  • On your next trip, try TWAL, The Women's Airline. All female crew, all male flight attendants. Extra protection down the center of the plane, where women need it most. Remember our slogan: "Fly TWAL... The Darn Thing Has Wings!"
  • Where does the Moral Majority turn to promote censorship and creeping Fascism? "Slant," the Holier-Than-Thou Newsweekly. No liberal pandering, no pinko editorial cartoons, no objective journalism... just good ol' fashioned Fundamentalism. Printed on 100% recycled environmentalists.
  • For the biggest ride you've ever had, give us a call right now. Let us expose your blatant consumerist backside. "Tramp Limo Service, 553-4468"
  • `Honest' Noah's Check-Cashing Service. The fastest way to get money when you've gambled away all your cash. Sorry, no second-party checks, third-party checks, bank checks, personal checks, out-of-state Czechs, wheat checks, rice checks. Plenty of corn checks!
  • Gambleholic's Anonymous. Kick the gambling habit! We'll lay you 2 to 1 we can clean up even the worst gambling problem. Meetings held on best 2 out of 3 Thursdays each month. Ex-major league baseball players admitted FREE!
  • Calling all married men! Entertain women discreetly and privately in our new "Stayfree Bachelor Pads." Exclusive panel slides into place whenever your wife knocks on the front door. Vibrating beds, imitation leopard-skin rugs, fake fireplaces. Contact Escobar Enterprises Estates today!
  • New Jersey Associated Faux Health Clubs. Slim down the fast, easy way. No weight equipment, no exercycles, no treadmills. One aging anorexic celebrity says, "Dieting doesn't give you a great body. But having your fat sucked out with a teeny little vacuum cleaner sure does!" Come by today.
  • Now through December at the Conventional Center: "An Evening With Bobby Vinton." New Jersey Herald says, "Bobby sings all his hits, including `Blue Velvet,' `Red Roses For A Blue Lady,' `Blue Roses For A Red Lady,' `You Only Look Blue When You're Standing Next To All Those Red Roses,' and `Blue Ladies Plus Red Roses Equals Purple Velvet.' A must see!" Call TicketMonster for details.