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Analisa Gambozinni is a character in Magna Cum Laude. She is one of the first three girls the player can interact with.


Analisa has olive skin and dark brown hair in 60's flip style. She wears a black pinstripe crop top with leopard print trim on the collar and cuffs, along with a matching miniskirt. She wears black heels and accessorizes with gold jewelry and a studded belt.


Larry first meets Analisa in front of the frat house. He starts speaking Spanish to her, but she tells him she is Italian and not Hispanic. Their conversation is interrupted by a call to Analisa's phone. She curtly tells the person on the other line that she doesn't feel like going to where they are suggesting and threatens to break their legs. She reveals that the person on the phone was her mother, telling Analisa to come home that weekend to attend an awards ceremony for her father. Analisa tells Larry that she can't stand those events and Larry empathizes and comforts her. She goes on to say that her mother calls multiple times a day asking where she is and if she is being followed. The two of them continue to bond over how stifling their parents are. Analisa then offers to play quarters with Larry. After the game, she heads into the frat house and Larry follows. Larry tells her to blow off her parents and do what she wants. Analisa tells him her "family" is hard to blow off. Larry tells her a story of an argument he had with his dad and she commends the way he handled himself. He goes on to tell her that next time her mother calls, she should ignore it. Analisa agrees, stating that its high time someone told her dad "no."

Larry suggests they play some "strip trampoline." Larry wins and Analisa ends up in her underwear. She gets a call from her father, Carmine, who is asking her to come home that weekend. She isn't willing to lie (or say that she is going on a date with Larry that weekend) so Larry tells her to give him the phone. He tells Carmine that Analisa won't be going home that weekend. Carmine doesn't take this well, and Larry insults him further. The angry mob boss then tells Larry that he's on the campus at that moment and his "guys with bats" are going to beat Larry up for trying to hook up with Analisa.

After evading the goons, they return to Larry's room. Larry decides to put on some mood music, but the radio broadcast is interrupted. The DJ reads off a message from Carmine, stating that he has bought every radio station and television network in the state for the sole purpose of threatening to rip off Larry's nuts when he finds him. Analisa pleads with Larry to calm down, stating that her father is "a little overprotective." This falls on deaf ears as Larry has made his escape out the window.

Analisa leaves, but leaves behind her token of affection - a fish wrapped in newspaper.

Behind the scenes[]

She is voiced by Mary Jo Bolduc


It is not known how 'official' any of this information is and if its Canon or invented by IGN staff but here some of her 'background' as per IGN article[1];

Born: April 24, 1985
Hometown: Brick Town, New Jersey
Major: Management
Height : 5' 2
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 30-23-36
Turn-Ons: pomade, fat guys, prizefighting
Turn-Offs: the Feds, rats, Charlie Daniels
Hobbies: coin-collecting, gambling
Favorite Movie: Another Stakeout
Favorite Television Show: Meego
Favorite Song: "Silence is Golden" by the Four Seasons
Role Model: Chester A. Arthur
Favorite Food: Fettuccini a la Cazzo
Marital Status: Single