Amazonian, lesbian cannibals are a tribe that exists on Nontoonyt Island, separated from the main natives of chief Keneewauwau. While the natives adopted civilization, the cannibals remained wild. They have a village on the banks of a river.

The name "Amazonian" of course doesn't refer to the Amazon river, but is possibly a reference to the mythical Amazons. As the name suggests, they are matriarchic, with women forming the dominant part of their culture, who seem to live as hunters and warriors, have relationships among themselves and use men for menial labor and reproduction. They are also xenophobic and cannibalize on strangers.

However some of their tribe have contact with the main part of the island; Bobbi is an ex-cannibal who became the lesbian lover of Kalalau.

The tribe have captured Larry Laffer and put in a cage waiting for his cooking, soon to be joined by Passionate Patty.

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