"Whether in the USA or the South Pacific, it's Nontoonyt for you on AeroDork!"

Aerodork is an airline company. It is the first airline to feature ATMs (Automatic Ticket Machines) eliminating thus ticket agents. These machines operate with a Gold Card. Owners of the Card also have access to the Chartreuse Carpet VIP Lounge that provides luxurious facilities, like a rubber chair on which nobody can sit, and a coffee machine with a boiled-dry coffee pot. Boarding Passes are used with ABMs (Automatic Boarding Pass Machines), another novelty of Aerodork.

Aerodork customers also enjoy some benefits from Rent-A-Gas-Guzzling-Poorly-Aligned-Smell-Like-A-Wet-Dog-Demolition-Derby-Reject.

Cliff Taurus forgot his card in the credit card imprinter in the filing room of PornProdCorp. Larry found it and traveled around the USA with it for free.

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