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"Good afternoon, ladies uh, er, gentlemen. I'd like to welcome you aboard Flight 1. In the unlikely event of a water landing, ther'sno need to panic--because we'll all be dead anyway! Oh, and if during our flight those cute little yellow masks appen to drop down from their overhead compartments... why, just ignore them. Lately those practical jokers in maintenance have been substituting nitrous oxide for the oxygen again! And remember: in case of an emergency, we women get to leave first! Any other questions?"


While on the South Pacific Island, Larry bought an Airline Ticket for Aerodork Flight 1 which flew at the height of 500 feet with ETA for Calwa approximately ten minutes.

While on the plane lovely stewardesses served drinks shortly (because they couldn't hire any taller ones). Larry could not even found a magazine to read in the sticky seatback pocket, except a semi-soiled crumpled airsick bag. He met Ken, a guy he had known from Lost Wages. The flight was uneventful but Larry realized that Ken would cut his scalp while KGB awaited in the next airport, Larry decided to escape. Seemingly for no apparent reason, he unlocked an escape hatch and jumped in the Pacific with a parachute. He ended in a forest of Nontoonyt.


"Carrumba! It's one of those wacko foreign terrorists!"
―Somebody in the cockpit room

If Larry enters the cockpit room, he will be mistaken for a terrorist and will be arrested.

If he waits too long, the plane will land and Larry will be captured by the KGB.

The stewardesses will serve drinks until Larry gives Ken the pamphlet.