A. P. Wire

A.P.Wire was a journalism major who quit college in order to pursue his dream job: fact-checker on the National Enquiry newspaper. He was unemployed when he participated in The Dating Connection for Barbara Bimbo.

"Bachelorette Barbie, my deepest, personal feelings are that you are far too sexy for me ever to allow you to leave my highly-expensive, beachfront, swinging bachelor apartment. You and I would spend all our time together alone, sharin each other in every way (if you know what I mean)!"
―Answer to first question
"Barbie doll, you'd be my previous American Beauty rose and I'd be your little bumblebee. I know you'd enjoy rubbing a little of your pollen on MY stinger!"
―Answer to second question


He is based on beta tester Neil Rubenking

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